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 "Since bringing her home we’ve smiled a lot more. Angel and our pug Hugo took awhile to get used to each other. Hugo was a big bully at first.  He would steal her food and wake up up from naps and try to wrestle. As the months gone by, Angel has gotten so big and I think Hugo took notice, as he is now just a baby. A few things that surprised me about Angel, is she loves to sleep, she is SO very smart, and she’s a lot more gentle than I thought a bigger dog would’ve been. She tends to sleep more than Hugo, which I thought was funny because I thought Hugo was the lazy one. Angel loves laying in bed or on the couch and getting her belly rubbed. We had to start locking our doors because Angel figured out how to open them and go outside all by herself. Potty training was a breeze compared to Hugo, and she is picking up on every command I give her. It’s very warming to watch the brother and sister relationship both dogs have with each other now. Hugo often uses her as a pillow or crawls next to her and they sleep together. It brought a big smile to my face seeing how big Angel has gotten within just a few months"

"I wasn't quit sure how to write this. first let me start with I have owned all breeds of dogs from rotties, dobies mastiffs and gsd's. all different personalities and such. dealing with you and your process was delight and you were very polite professional and most importantly you love your dogs. we already had a 3 year old gsd who is overly anxious and nervous. From the moment we met little Murphy he stole our hearts , not only with his sweet loving self but with his patience and amazing even keeled  temperament . he knew when to push her and when to submit it was truly amazing to watch . there just seemed to be one problem he looked like a dog, but had bear paws and a lions type of movements. I did want to call and ask if you mistakenly sold us a Chupacabra, lol. Needless to say he started to grow and now at 5months old he stands 28 inches at his shoulders and weighs 75lbs. I worried a bit about how big his growth spurts were and if his organs could keep up with his body . Needless worries indeed though. He is a perfectly healthy and happy he loves his home with his best friend Marley who are inseparable and just love each other and of coarse the family and kids he gets to play with all day. The greatest thing I think that has come about from Murphy becoming part of our family is the profound affect on our 3 year old gsd Marley who has started to see what and exceptionally even keeled dog he is and has started to work though them to become more how a gsd temperament and personality should be, bring not only them closer but all of us as a family. So thank you so very much for bring these dogs into peoples lives here are a couple of pictures to let you see him over the past 3 months. so in short thank so very much and promise to keep updates on Murphy"

                                 Sincerely ****** ******

"Hi Dara,


                Attached is a picture of Bodie…..Gunner/ Rimboo litter.


Very happy with my little buddy, Everything he should be. Smart, Great temperament and growing like a weed.


He plays with the Blue shepherd ( Recon ) my neighbor John picked up a month earlier for a few hours a day.  Working out fantastic.


He is already over 60 lbs.  LOL.


Thank You and Happy Holidays, "


"Hi Dara,


Merry Christmas………….


Boys are growing fast,  Bodie and your Blue ( Recon) are near 70 lbs. now.


Was telling John that if we go to Michigan U,P, we’ll have to keep a close eye on Recon. He looks so wolf like he will get shot. ( Big Wolf problems in the U.P. ) Lot’s of sheep and cattle there,, wolves tear it up.


Happy Holidays"

"Hi Dara,
Hope all is well.
Bowie is doing fantastic, she has finished her obedience training and is now an official
Therapy Dog . We are a owner/ handler volunteer team for Dogs on Duty, and working towards a AKC Therapy Dog Title. She is very sweet, loyal and loving with a fantastic temperament.
She now weighs 90lbs. Had her hips and knees ex rayed last month and they look great."

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