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Rim-boo is a huge, beautiful black/silver standard coat, weighing 115 lbs. at 29" tall. This girl comes from the famous Royalairs Silver Saber, certified therapy dog. The phenomenal temperament carried through the genetics, cause this girl is awesome in everyway and has had three amazing litters that turned out fabulous. Rim-boo is eager to please and so smart! She is athletic, calm, loyal, alert, dm normal! 


 Akelah is a tan sable standard coat. A beautiful girl at 95 pounds mature. Akelah is agile and athletic with great confirmation, dm normal. Akelah has a fabulous, sweet, loyal temperament and wants to love and be loved every minute!

A daughter to the ever so famous Royalair's Silver Stryker


Autumn is a huge, Liver/Tan standard coat, weighing 115 pounds. This girl is a granddaughter to the famous Royalair's Freedom.  Autumn is as sweet a girl as I could hope for, has a smart, loyal, loving temperament, great bone structure and frame along with healthy genetics, dm normal. Proven to produce fantastic puppies


Valkrie is a daughter to Autumn and Gunsmoke, a beautiful bi-color short coat, with a sweet, loving, active, outgoing temperament, loyal, ready and eager to please! This girl is weighing a 100 pounds at a year and still growing. 


Future Females





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